Saturday, September 5, 2009

Q is for Queen Quiana Dotee Doll

This is my very first Dotee doll. I made her for the Q is for... Dotee swap on Swap-bot. I sent her off to my partner in California a few days ago. It was really hard to let her go. I am so proud of how she turned out. The picture doesn't even do her justice.

Her crown is made of wire and seed beads. She wears a satin robe and her hanger and tail are made with handmade paper beads.

It took me four hours to make the doll and two hours to make the miniature book that dangles beneath her. I have decided to add a little book to each of my dotees, kind of like a trademark. Inside the book, I wrote the doll's name and the date that she was made, as well as my name and website address. That way, the doll's story will always be with her.


  1. Your Dotee is beautiful! Congratulations on your first. They're quite addictive.

  2. Your dotees are really creative! I love you idea of the trademark! Mine seems to have become a little dotee quilt. Great work. HUGS